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$399,000 · Aquaponic Farm for Sale

Aquaponic Farm and Land for Sale Selling Price: 399 000$ Greenhouse: 40' wide x 78' long x 19' high with polycarbonate external walls and engineer skeleton structure Aquaponic system includes. - Boilers and circulations components, - 2 x 7’ diameters blue fish tanks, - 2 x heat exchangers stainless steel, - Polygeyser filter backwash system, - Artesian II water pump - 6 x water table system of 8’ width x 50’ long (various lengths so in ratio approx.) - Spare floating raft x 80 pcs brand new - various accessories for Aquaponic application such as fish pole, pvc pipes assemblies, ABS fittings and piping, extra metal 6’ pole tubing for various applications, etc. - Lighting systems grow lights LED’S and LPS fixtures grow lights Laboratory (details upon request) Germination Station (Details upon request) Surveillance camera systems Software for Aquaponic measurements - Tilapia fish inventory - Ceiling circulation fans, exhaust wall mount fans, intake wall mount fan and floor 5’ diameter circulation fan. - Farm animal such as 1 x Goat, 1 x sheep, multiple various mix sex Rooster and chickens plus babies. - Generac generator back up system - WIFI capability included for monitoring status. - Secondary Caterpillar generator as a back-up of a Back-up - 54’ trailer for extra storage and Workshop bench (all tools not included unless negotiated.) - 1 x office of 12’ x 12’ with WIFI and ethernet cable from Xplornet provider. - 2 x lofts of 12’ x 16’. Liveable units with bunk beds, memory foam mats, mini fridges, 2 x portable air conditioning. - 2 x Tempos ( 1 x old but still good and 1 x new ready to install tarp over structure already setup) - 1 x Tiny house ( 12’ wide x 40’ long, full bathroom ( toilet, bathtub with shower) Washer & dryer 24 inches wide) kitchen stove 24 inches wide and fridge 24 inches, electronic ceiling fan with remote.

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September 16, 2021
October 16, 2021
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